LOCTITE ® SI 5145 is a transparent, non—sliding, polymerizing at room temperature liquid alkoxysilicon adhesive/sealant specially designed for gluing, sealing and coating electronic devices of military, automotive and industrial electronics. Excellent resistance to weathering, moisture, ozone. Retains its properties in harsh conditions. It is used in systems with temperatures up to + 392 °F (+200 °C).

  • High strength
  • Does not cause corrosion
  • Relieves stress on critical connections
  • Specially designed for bonding, sealing and coating electronic devices in military, automotive and industrial electronics
  • Increases the load-bearing and shock-absorbing characteristics of the bonding zone
  • Tested in accordance with the requirements for the lot of the Military Specification Mil-A-46146B


Temperature resistance 200°C
Elongation at break (%) 500
Shear Strength (GBMS) N/mm^2 3
Shore Hardness A 25
Features for electrical components
Packing volume 40ml
Surface film formation time (min) 5
Color transparent
Chemical basis: 1-component alkoxy silicone

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