LOCTITE® 248 — universal threaded retainer of medium strength. This product is available in the form of an easy-to -use pencil. This threaded retainer ensures reliable fixation and sealing of bolts, nuts and studs, preventing their weakening under the influence of vibration. This product is excellent for application to any metals, including passive substrates such as stainless steel, aluminum and electroplated surfaces. It demonstrates high resistance to minor contamination by industrial oils (for example, motor, anticorrosive oils), as well as lubricants and coolants.

  • A handy pencil that doesn't leak
  • Prevents loosening of vibrating connections, such as pumps, gearboxes and presses
  • It is effective on any metal surfaces, including passive ones (for example, stainless steel steel, aluminum, galvanized surfaces)
  • It is allowed to have minor contamination on the surface in the form of technical oils, such as motor oils, preservative lubricants and coolant
  • Allows disassembly with hand tools for maintenance


Packing volume 19g
Manual strength (stainless steel) 20 min
Manual strength (steel) 5 min
Viscosity semi-solid
Breakaway torque 17 N-m
Endurance medium
Operating temperature range -55...+150 ºC
Maximum thread size M50
Fluorescence Да
Color blue
Chemical basis: Methacrylate

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