LOCTITE® EA 3421 — 2K is a transparent general purpose epoxy compound. It has an amber color, after mixing the components, it cures slowly at room temperature. After curing, it has high strength and excellent moisture resistance. The glue fills the cracks and gaps well, so it is advisable to use it on untreated and poorly treated metal, ceramic, wood and plastic surfaces. Due to the long lifetime and medium viscosity, the adhesive can be used in joints of large surface areas, as well as where it takes time to position parts after assembly. Typical applications: bonding aluminum window frames and fiberglass panels.

  • After curing, it is high-strength and extremely moisture-resistant
  • General purpose glue.Long-term viability


Operating temperature (upper limit) 2-3
Shear Strength (GBMS) N/mm^2 28
Proportion of components (A:B) 1:1
Technological fixation time (min) 240
Packing volume 25ml
Viscosity (mPa*s) 37 —
Operating temperature range -55°C...+120°C
Color transparent amber
Chemical basis: 2-component epoxy

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