Application areas

  • Membrane-vacuum gluing of films (with and without a membrane)Furniture facades for residential premises

Product Properties

  • Does not contain solvent;
  • Provides high quality of application;
  • High degree of initial setting;
  • High thermal stability and moisture resistance.

Technical specifications

Viscosity (according to Brookfield):

600 - 1000 MPa.s

pH level:


Shelf life of the mixture:

(with 5% hardener R.397): 4-6 hours

Recommendations for use

The standard application of AQUENCE FD 150 is recommended with the addition of 5% hardener AQUENCE CATALYST R 397, which is slowly added to the dispersion with constant stirring. To achieve optimal bonding results, the operating temperature of the adhesive and the materials to be bonded must be above +18 °C. Lowering the temperature causes an increase in the viscosity of the glue. The adhesive mixture is sprayed with a special spray gun (nozzle diameter from 1.4 to 2 mm). As a rule, it is enough to apply one layer. When applying glue to the edge and inner radii, it is necessary to spray the second layer of glue after the first layer has dried. The parts with the applied glue must be lined within 24 hours.

Air drying:

30-50 min. (depending on the temperature, humidity and thickness of the coating layer)

Pressing temperature:

minimum 60°C at the edge of the part

Pressing time:

20-40 sec.

Curing time:

24 hours; full cure in 7 days


With the help of cold and warm water, the equipment can be easily cleaned of uncured glue residues. The hardened adhesive residues are removed mechanically.

Storage and transportation:

The temperature of storage and transportation of the product in the original packaging is from +5 to +30C. The shelf life is 9 months. Before using the glue, it is recommended to mix thoroughly, and after using the containers with glue, keep them tightly closed.

The above data, first of all, recommendations regarding the application and use of the product, are based on the knowledge and experience of our company. Taking into account the possibility of using different materials in different working conditions that are outside our sphere of influence, we recommend testing the product in each specific case so that its use makes it possible to use the desired production method and ensures the necessary quality of processing parts. Legal liability cannot be deduced either from these instructions or from an oral consultation

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