Sucralose is a relatively new high-quality intensive thermostable sweetener developed by the English firm Tate & Lyle, which can be used in a wide range of food production - from beverages to bakery products. Sucralose is obtained from ordinary sugar and has taste characteristics similar to sugar.

Relative sweetness:
About 600 times sweeter than sugar.

Sucralose does not break down in the body, has no calories and does not cause tooth decay.

Sucralose has a pleasant sweetness, dissolves well in water, is highly stable in a wide range of beverage and food production. Sucralose is perfectly stable during heat treatment – pasteurization and sterilization used in the manufacture of yoghurts and purees, it retains its sweetness in products even after storage for a year. Sucralose is highly synergistic with fructose and invert syrups.

- soft drinks
- table sweeteners
- baking
- chewing gum
- dry mixes
- canned fruit
- dairy products
- frozen desserts
- salad dressings
- jellies and jams
- sauces
- pharmaceuticals

Sucralose has been subjected to long-term (more than 15 years) and comprehensive safety studies.As a result of these studies, it was concluded that sucralose is completely safe for human health. More than 100 research programs have demonstrated the harmlessness of sucralose for all population groups, including patients with diabetes mellitus. Moreover, environmental studies have shown that sucralose is completely biodegradable and non-toxic to fish and aquatic organisms.

Permissible consumption rate:
In 1988, the Joint Expert Commission on Food Additives (JECFA) The World Health Organization (WHO) has established a temporary daily intake rate (ADI) for sucralose, and in 1990 – a permanent one equal to 15 mg per kilogram of human body weight.


E-code E 955
Application beverage production, confectionery industry, production of fast food, dairy industry, dietary products, pharmaceutical industry, fat and oil industry, sports nutrition, table sweeteners
Sweetness coefficient 600

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