Technomelt Supra 100

High-quality hot-melt adhesive on a synthetic basis for packaging. Economical consumption (savings of up to 40% compared to EVA adhesives), high adhesion to the surface, high thermal stability, low coking ability, high-tech,high ductility at low temperatures, high heat resistance. Designed for gluing a wide range of packaging materials, forming pallets, sealing boxes, gluing a variety of paper and cardboard with a glossy and varnished surface, suitable for high-speed machines, very well suited for packaging deep-frozen products. Color: white, Viscosity 1.200-1.600 MPa•s, open exposure time: short, setting time: short


Coatings coated cardboard, offset
Relative grip time short
Relative open time short
Features Innovative hot melt glue from Henkel company. For gluing a wide range of materials. Suitable for high-speed machines. Savings of up to 50% (compared to EVA melts), does not burn, no smell. Self-cleaning properties. A new generation of melt adhesives.
Viscosity (mPa*s) 1200 — 1600
Operating temperature range 160-190° C
Chemical basis: Hot melt adhesive for Supra class packaging

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