Citric acid anhydrous E 330

Property Descriptions

Citric acid anhydrous anhydrous citric acid has a chemical name - 3-hydroxy-3-carboxypentane-1,5-dienoic acid and the formula C6H8O7.

Being one of the most common food additives, it is present in all living cells as an important intermediate of metabolism and is fully absorbed by the human body. It is found in almost all fruits, conifers, leaves of plants.

Its industrial production is carried out by the method of microbiological synthesis using the fungus Aspergillus niger from organic sugar-containing raw materials. The finished product is small crystals that are highly soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol and insoluble in organic solvents.

Technological recommendations

Anhydrous citric acid (citric acid anhydride) is widely used in various branches of the food industry as an acidifier, acidity regulator, antioxidant synergist.

Since its molecule does not contain water, it is used in the production of dry products that do not involve entering into chemical reactions before entering liquid media. Such products include various "effervescent" vitamins, analgesic powders and tablets, "dry" drinks and all kinds of concentrates.

Anhydrous citric acid can be used for the same purposes as citric acid monohydrate, however, the norms of its incorporation into specific products are 9% less due to the absence of crystalline water and, consequently, a higher content of the basic substance.


Volatile organic impurities Withstands the test
Bacterial contamination, IU/mg max. 0.5
Aluminum, ppm max. 0.2
Iron, ppm max. 5.0
Heavy metals (as Pb), ppm max. 5.0
Mercury, ppm max. 1.0
Arsenic, ppm max. 1.0
Lead, ppm max. 0.5
Sulphate ash, % max. 0.05
Chlorides, ppm max. 50
Calcium, ppm max. 75
Oxalates, ppm max. 100
Sulfates, ppm max. 150
Water content, % max. 1.0
The content of the main substance, % 99.5 – 100.5
Appearance Colorless crystals or white crystalline powder

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