Application areas

  • Compounds requiring increased water resistance
  • Gluing solid wood parts
  • Production of cores of joiner's plates and furniture board
  • Manufacture of doors and stairs
  • Window beam, assembly of window blocks
  • Fleece gluing and veneering
  • Suitable for gluing solid wood in HDPE presses

Product Properties

  • Medium viscosity
  • Fast curing
  • Long open time
  • Filling voids
  • Transparent rigid elastic adhesive seam
  • High moisture resistance, conforms to Class D3 according to EN 204
  • High water resistance when adding the hardener AQUENCE CATALYST R397 corresponds to class D4 according to EN 204

Technical data

  • Film formation temperature, °C ~+5(MFFT)
  • DIN 53787
  • Viscosity, according to Brookfield, MPa*s - 9 000 - 20 000
  • ISO 2555
  • pH - 2,5 - 3,5(20 °C)ISO 976

Open time
Open time (beech/beech):
Consumption 150 g/m2, min. ~10
Consumption 200 g/m2, min. ~20

Pressing time
Glued materials (chipboard and HPL):
Consumption 100 g/m2, min. ≥10
Consumption 200 g/m2, min. ≥20

Butt bonding (beech/beech):
Consumption 150 g/m2, min. ≥25
Consumption 200 g/m2, min. ≥35

Edging with a heating tire at 120 ° C exposure time about 2 min. For AQUENCE WL 041/1 with AQUENCE CATALYST R 397 hardener: the water resistance of adhesive joints increases if necessary by increasing the proportion of hardener, these data are valid for wood with a humidity of 8-12%, the temperature of the material and the room is not lower than 20 ° C, relative humidity of 65% and pressure 0.5 N/mm2. The actual open time and pressing time will depend on the working conditions, such as temperature, humidity and density of wood, surface properties,stresses in the material, the amount of glue applied, etc. The glue is delivered ready for use. If necessary, dilution is possible bya dding up to 3% water. The working temperature of the adhesive and the processed parts must be at least + 10 °C.

The fit tolerance of the parts increases the setting time and reduces the strength of the joint. All parts of the equipment in contact with the glue,must be made of either stainless steel (V2A/V4A) or plastic. Due to the acidic environment characteristic of water resistance class D3 and D4 dispersions, this adhesive can cause staining of wood species sensitive to the presence of acids (for example, pine). For this glue, one-sided application is sufficient. However, when gluing hard and hard-to-glue wood, double-sided application is recommended to increase the reliability of gluing. In this case, the open time increases.

Glue/hardener mixture
AQUENCE KL 072 the addition of 5% hardener AQUENCE CATALYST R 397 allows you to achieve water resistance class D4 according to EN 204 Glue and hardener must be well mixed, the finished mixture must be used within 7 hours. The setting time and pressing time for the glue/hardener mixture depends on the amount of hardener, and is 2-3 minutes longer than the corresponding parameters of AQUENCE KL 072 without hardener.

Cleaning of glue-bearing equipment from uncured glue residues can be carried out with cold or warm water. Solidified residues are removed mechanically.

Store in the original tightly sealed packaging in a cool, dry place, protect from freezing. Mix before use.Shelf life up to 12 months.

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