Technomelt PUR Cleaner ME

Scope of application

Cleaner for PU melt adhesives and EVA adhesives


Cleaner for removing polymerized residues of PU melt adhesives and coked residues of melt adhesives. It is used for cleaning tanks, pumps, hoses and application systems, including applicators, nozzles.

Technical data
Viscosity, according to Brookfield - 20 °C, MPa*s Spindle 1, 20 rpm 20 - 100 Ignition point, °C DIN EN ISO 2719 195

Before cleaning, glue residues should be removed from the preheating tank, hoses and adhesive system. With the TECHNOMELT PUR CLEANER ME, it is necessary to fill the parts of the equipment so that it moistens all the surfaces to be cleaned. Depending on the degree of contamination, the cleaning time is recommended from one to several hours. The maximum cleaning time is 8 hours. During cleaning, it is recommended to cover the containers of the adhesive system. For cleaning adhesive systems, the greatest effect is achieved when the cleaner circulates through the system for a certain time. Softened by a cleaner, hard-to-separate dirt should be removed mechanically. Parts that are not wetted with a cleaner can be cleaned by repeatedly applying a heated cleaner. If necessary, badly burnt glue residues can be removed mechanically, after which the tank should be rinsed with a cleaner. At the final stage of the cleaning procedure, all hoses, filter nets and nozzles must be thoroughly rinsed to remove all solidified residues from the system. Equipment with filters should be rechecked and, if necessary, rinsed again. Before starting the operation of the equipment, all the remnants of the cleaner must be forced out of the system by filling it with melt glue, followed by draining the entire amount of glue. This is necessary to avoid the loss of adhesive force due to its interaction with the cleaner. TECHNOMELT PUR CLEANER ME can be reused provided it retains its liquid state at room temperature.

Operating temperatures
Recommended operating temperature: 120 - 175 °C At an operating temperature of 120 - 175 °C, the ignition point of 195 °C must be taken into account and appropriate safety measures must be taken (do not allow the presence of open fire sources near the heated liquid). It is necessary to ensure the removal of product vapors. TECHNOMELT PUR CLEANER ME The cleaner emulsifies in water so that contaminated parts of the equipment can be cleaned with water. Pay attention that the boiling point of water (100 ° C). Do not allow the resulting emulsion to enter the wastewater.

Shelf life Shelf life (in unopened packaging), month 24 Frost sensitivity Yes Recommended storage temperature, °C 0-30

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