Lactic acid 80% E 270

Property Descriptions

Lactic acid E 270 has the chemical name 2-hydroxypropanoic acid and the formula C3H6O3.

It is a syrupy liquid from colorless to slightly yellow in color with a sour taste. It mixes well with water and with alcohols, but it absolutely does not mix with fatty solvents.

Lactic acid is found in many fruits and berries, is formed in wines, sour -milk products, sauerkraut. During physical exertion, it is also formed in human muscles.

It is obtained enzymatically from sugar-containing raw materials. For ease of use and transportation, lactic acid is poured either into large plastic containers equipped with a metal frame of 1200 kg each, or into plastic cans of 25 kg.

Technological recommendations

Lactic acid is widely used in various branches of the food industry as a flavor additive with a mild sour taste. The product conforming to GOST 490-79 "Lactic acid food. Technical conditions", introduced into the liver of raw materials in GOST 171-81 "Pressed baking yeast. Technical conditions".

In brewing, lactic acid is used to acidify mash and to better germinate malt. In a diluted 1:15 form, its consumption is 1.5 liters per ton of soaked barley. It is also used in the production of stronger beverages according to GOST 12712-80 "Vodka and vodka special. Technical specifications" and GOST 27907- 88 "Vodka for export. General technical conditions". In the production of desserts and caramels, lactic acid is diluted to 40-45% solution, while its consumption is 4 liters per ton of sugar.

As a preservative, lactic acid is used in pickled vegetables, for example, as a raw material, it is included in GOST 7180-73 "Pickled cucumbers. Technical conditions". In addition, it is used in cosmetics, animal feed, the production of lactates, emulsifiers, esters.


Reducing substances (sugars) Complies with the FCC standard
Citrates, oxalates, phosphates or tartrates Complies with the FCC standard
Cyanides, ppme max. 5.0
Density, g/cm3 at 20° C 1.19 – 1.21
Stereochemical purity, % min. 95.0
Heavy metals, ppm max. 10.0
Iron, ppm max. 10.0
Mercury, ppm max. 1.0
Arsenic, ppm max. 3.0
Lead, ppm max. 2.0
Sulphate ash, % max. 0.1
Chlorides, ppm max. 20
Sulfates, ppm max. 50.0
The content of the main substance, % min. 80

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