Technomelt 3183 BG

Melt glue on a synthetic basis. Production of an integral cover. Production of cardboard and paper packaging, pallets, gluing straws on beverage packaging. Gluing of various types of packaging cardboard (corrugated cardboard, etc.), gluing non-varnished paper on automated equipment with a high feed rate of 950-1.300 MPas sets quickly, the open exposure time is average, due to its resistance to elevated temperatures, this glue is recommended for the production of packaging intended for hot products, as well as for the production of packaging that gives shrinkage. Color: Beige


Coatings plain paper/cardboard without coating
Relative grip time short
Relative open time short
Application temperature, °C 180° С
Features Production of packaging, gluing of various types of cardboard, including corrugated cardboard, gluing of unpacked paper packaging in machines with a high feed rate. Low cost.
Possible names of the material Technomelt Q 3183 / Техномелт 3183
Packing volume 25kg bag
Viscosity (mPa*s) 950 — 1300
Chemical basis: EVA-based hot melt adhesive

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