Application areas

  • Lamination
  • Mounting gluing
  • Assembly of wooden structures
  • Bonding of textile materials, films and plastics

Product Properties

  • Fast curing
  • High initial bonding strength
  • Complete chemical curing within a few daysIt is possible to accelerate the curing under the influence of temperature
  • Very high temperature resistance (> 150°C) and frost resistance
  • High water resistance of the adhesive joint
  • Resistance to most solvents

Technical data

Brookfield viscosity , 120 °C, MPa*s ~ 7,500
Time of complete distraction, days 2-5(depends on the materials to be glued)

Softening point, Kofler, °C ~55
Temperature resistance, °C >150 according to the Henkel measurement method depending on the materials to be bonded

Operating temperature
Recommended operating temperature:in the melting tank, °C 100-140on an adhesive roller, °C 100-140

Recommended adhesive consumption (depending on the material) g/m2: 50-400

Due to the different properties of aluminum surfaces, it is recommended to carry outtrial lamination Since PU melts are prone to polymerization in contact with moisture, storage and processing should be carried out in dry conditions. For this reason, the product is delivered in sealed containers.

Flushing the glue-bearing system before changing the glue, as well as regular flushing with TECHNOMELT PUR CLEANER 4 reduces the risk of accumulation of hardened residues of reacted glue. The glue-bearing, as well as rotating parts of the equipment on which the melt glue comes into contact with air should be thoroughly washed at the end of each production cycle or when glue growths or signs of polymerization appear.The solidified residues of PUR-melts can be removed only after they have been softened by the action of a suitable solvent, such as N-ethyl-pyrrolidone (NEP) by mechanical means using non-abrasive scrapers. It is necessary to follow the instructions of the equipment manufacturer.

Safety precautions
The product contains diphenyl methane diisocyanate. Even when working within the recommended temperatures, diisocyanate forms vapors. If the recommended operating temperatures are significantly exceeded, the product may decompose into hazardous components directly in the glue-bearing unit. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures to remove the generated vapors, for example, by using aspiration equipment. If the melt glue gets on the skin, do not try to remove it. Consult a doctor. Read the safety data sheet.

Store in the original tightly closed packaging in a dry, cool place.
Shelf life
Shelf life (in unopened original packaging), 12 months(2 kg container 9 months)

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