• Wrapping a profile made of chipboard, MDF or wood with veneer impregnated with paper films, Alcorcell films and CPL
  • Product Properties
  • Medium viscosity
  • High thermal stability
  • High initial bonding strength
  • Applicable for nozzle and roller application
  • Very good wetting of impregnated papers, Alkorcell films and HPL plastics
  • Very low consumption

Technical data

Softening point (ring and ball), °C ~134

Brookfield viscosity 200 °C, MPa*s ~9,000 (CAP 2000+, 30 p-1):

Operating temperature

Recommended operating temperature:
in the melting tank, °C 180-190on an adhesive roller, °C 180-190Recommended consumption:chipboard, g/m2 50-120MDF or solid wood, g/m2 35-70

Safety precautions

Melt adhesives release volatile substances even within operating temperatures. The smell of vapors can cause irritation. Long-term temperature exposure to the melt may cause partial decomposition of the adhesive. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures to ensure the removal of vapors from the working area, for example by installing aspiration equipment.


Shelf life is at least 1 year when stored ina cool, dry place.

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