Tripotassium Citrate Е 332

Property Descriptions

Potassium citrate E332(i), English. Potassium citrate, has the chemical name potassium citric acid monosubstituted and the formula K3C6H5O7 x H2O.

It is a white powder with a sour taste. It is well soluble in water, moderately soluble in alcohols and insoluble in other organic compounds.

Potassium citrate is obtained from citric acid by reacting it with an equivalent amount of caustic potassium. The finished product should be stored in a cool, dry place.

Potassium citrate is approved for use in the Russian Federation and meets all hygienic standards.

Technological recommendations

Potassium citrate is widely used in various fields of the food industry.

One of the main directions of its application is the processing of milk, to which it is added as a stabilizer salt to maintain the ionic equilibrium necessary for the thermal stability of the product being heated. In practice, potassium citrate is added as a 10-25% solution. Its concentration depends on the thermal stability of a particular batch of milk, therefore it varies widely from 0.05 to 0.4% of the mass of the normalized mixture. Potassium citrate according to GOST 5538-78 "Potassium citric acid single-water. Technical conditions" included in the list of raw materials in GOST 1923-78 "Canned milk, condensed milk sterilized in cans. Technical conditions".

When using potassium citrate as a melting salt in the production of processed cheeses, its bookmark rate is up to 40 g per 1 kg of the final product.

When stabilizing chopped meat products, the concentration of potassium citrate should be up to 3 g/ kg of meat or fat, or up to 16 g/ kg of blood of slaughtered animals.

Potassium citrate is also used as a regulator of acidity and consistency in jams, jams, jelly on pectin, desserts, bakery products in an amount of about 10 g / kg. To enhance the action of antioxidants in juices, margarine, vegetable oil, pork fat, it is laid in a concentration of 100 mg / kg.


Sodium, ppm 0.3
Purity and color of the solution Pure and colorless
Alkalinity mg HCl/g Passes the test
Acidity mg NaOH/g Passes the test
Drying losses % 4.0 – 7.0
Heavy metals (as Pb), ppm 10.0
Chlorides, ppm 50.0
Oxalates, ppm 0,03
Sulfates, ppm 0,015
The content of the main substance, % 99.0 – 101.0
Appearance White powder

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