LOCTITE® 2400 — a medium -strength threaded retainer that ensures reliable connection and sealing of bolts, nuts and pins, preventing loosening due to vibration. It is effective on any metal surfaces, including passive ones. Minor contamination in the form of technical oils, preservative lubricants and coolant is allowed. The main distinguishing feature is the presence of a "clean" material safety data sheet. LOCTITE 2400 has no warning signs, risk codes or hazard codes, does not contain carcinogens, mutagens or toxins subject to declaration, adversely affecting the reproductive system.

  • Absence of warning signs, risk codes or hazard codes; "clean" material safety data sheet
  • Certificate WRAS (BS 6920): 1104507
  • Allows regular dismantling
  • Prevents loosening of vibrating connections, such as pumps, gearboxes and presses


Packing volume 50ml, 250ml
Manual strength (stainless steel) 10 min
Manual strength (brass) 8 min
Manual strength (steel) 10 min
Viscosity (mPa*s) 225 — 550
Thixotropy Yes
Breakaway torque 20 N-m
Endurance medium
Operating temperature range -55...+150 ºC
Maximum thread size M20
Fluorescence Yes
Color blue
Chemical basis: Methacrylate

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