Scope of application

  • Edging on passing machines, speed from 15 m/min
  • Edge-facing material: veneer, melamine, polyester, HPL*, PVC*, ABS*, PP*
  • Softforming

* Applicability depends on the characteristics of the edge material and priming.

Product Properties

  • Medium viscosity
  • Universal melt glue
  • Especially pure processing without filamentous formation
  • Good wettability
  • Smooth surface, even when gluing thin edges
  • High temperature resistance of the adhesive joint
  • High efficiency
  • Fast melting, especially suitable for wide edges and high speeds
  • Technical data
  • Softening point (Ring and Ball), °C ~110
  • Brookfield viscosity , 200 °C, MPa*s ~120,000
  • Temperature resistance, °C ~95
  • Tested on 0.6 mm oak veneer using the method of temperature increase according to Henkel standards.

Operating temperature
Recommended operating temperature:in the melting tank, 180-200 °Con an adhesive roller, °C 190-210

Safety precautions
Melt adhesives are prone to vaporization even at operating temperatures. The smell of vapors can cause irritation. Long-term temperature exposure to the melt may cause partial decomposition of the adhesive. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures to ensure the removal of vapors from the working area, for example by installing aspiration equipment.

Store in tightly closed original packaging in a dry and cool place.

Shelf life
Shelf life (in the original packaging), 2 years

The above data, first of all, recommendations regarding the application and use of the product, are based on the knowledge and experience of our company. Taking into account the possibility of using different materials in different working conditions that are outside our sphere of influence, we recommend testing the product in each specific case so that its use makes it possible to use the desired production method and ensures the necessary quality of processing parts. Legal liability cannot be deduced either from these instructions or from oral consultation.

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