Calcium Citrate E 333

Property Descriptions

Calcium citrate E333(ii), Eng. Calcium citrate, has a chemical name — tricalcium anhydrous dihydrate and the formula Ca3 (C6H5O7)2.

It is colorless crystals or white powder with a strongly acidic taste. It is obtained from citric acid by its interaction with an equivalent amount of calcium hydroxide. The finished product should be stored in a cool, dry place.

Calcium citrate is approved for use in the Russian Federation and meets all hygienic standards.

Technological recommendations

Calcium citrate is used as a stabilizer of condensed milk (including sugar) in an amount of up to 2 g / kg, milk powder and cream — up to 5 g / kg, processed cheese — up to 40 g / kg individually or together with other stabilizers. As a regulator of acidity and consistency, to maintain the pH at 2.8-3.5, calcium citrate is used in jams, canned fruit, jelly. It is also used as a hardener and supplier of calcium for fruit processing products. It is recommended to enrich bakery and flour confectionery products, milk and fermented milk products, soft drinks with calcium by adding calcium citrate to them.


Carbonates Withstands the test
Acid insoluble substances, % max. 0.2
Easily charred substances Withstands the test
Purity of the solution BY6
Fluoride, ppm max. 30.0
Identification Withstands the test
Alkalinity mg HCl/g Withstands the test
Acidity mg NaOH/g Withstands the test
Drying losses % 10.0 – 13.3
Aluminum, ppm max. 30.0
Heavy metals (as Pb), ppm max. 5.0
Mercury, ppm max. 1.0
Arsenic, ppm max. 1.0
Lead, ppm max. 1.0
Oxalates, ppm max. 0.01
The content of the main substance, % 97.5 – 100.5
Appearance Odorless white powder

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