Tartaric acid L (+) Е 344

Property Descriptions

Tartaric acid L(+) E 334, English L(+) Tartaric acid has the chemical name L(+) tartaric acid and the formula C4H6O6.

It is an odorless white crystalline powder with a sour taste. It is well soluble in water, alcohol and acetone. It does not dissolve in vegetable oils and fats.

In nature, tartaric acid L(+) is found in many berries and fruits. It is split only slightly in the digestive tract. A smaller part is excreted through the kidneys, most of it remains in the intestine as an indigestible calcium tartrate.

It is obtained by processing wine-making waste (tartar) with sulfuric acid.

Technological recommendations

Tartaric acid is used as an antioxidant, preservative and acidity regulator in the production of various food products. It is added in the amount of 0.05-0.1% in the production of canned vegetables and fruit to regulate acidity. So it is included in the list of raw materials in GOST 7231 "Canned tomatoes. General technical conditions".

As an emulsifier and preservative, it is used in confectionery (dosage 0.1-0.15%), soft drinks (dosage 1.0-1.7 g/l), wines and jellies (dosage 1.5-2.0 g/l). The low hygroscopicity of tartaric acid allows its use in the production of dry effervescent beverages.

In the cosmetics industry, it is a component of many creams and lotions for the body and face. In pharmaceuticals, tartaric acid is widely used in the production of various soluble medicines, including effervescent tablets, as well as other medicines. Of particular note is its use in the construction industry, where it is added to gypsum and concrete mixtures to slow their setting.


Residue during combustion, % ≤ 0.05
Drying losses % ≤ 0.5
Lead, ppm ≤ 2
Oxalates, ppm Passes the test
Sulfates, ppm Passes the test
The content of the main substance, % 99.7 – 100.5
Appearance Colorless crystals or white crystalline powder
Specific rotation +12.0 – +13.0
PH (1%) 1.2 – 1.3

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