DL-Malic acid Е 296

Property Descriptions

Malic acid DL (E296), has the chemical name hydroxyantaric acid and the formula C4H6O5.

It is a white crystalline powder with a pronounced sour taste. It is approved for use in the Russian Federation as an additive in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Malic acid DL has a strong sour taste with a slight hint of the taste of unripe fruits, which harmonizes well with vegetable aromas.

It is obtained by the catalytic addition of water to maleic acid.

Technological recommendations

Malic acid is widely used as an acidifier in soft drinks, including dairy, including those based on lactobacilli; carbonated drinks, such as cola and others. For the same purpose, it is added to frozen products (sherbets, ice cream); food products of complex processing (mayonnaise, wine). It is used as a color fixative and antiseptic in the production of juices, used as a stabilizer of the egg yolk emulsion.

The amounts used are approximately 10-20% less than for citric acid. In confectionery, especially in hard caramel, it is laid 10-20 g / kg; in soft drinks and juices 3-4 g / l; in canned fruit 1-5 g / kg; and in blanched vegetables 3-10 g / l.

In addition, malic acid has found application in pharmaceuticals as an integral part of laxatives and anti-hoarseness drugs; in the cosmetic industry, as an integral part of hair coloring products; in the textile industry, as a bleaching agent in the production of polyester fabric.


Substances insoluble in water, % max. 0.1
Zinc, ppm max. 10.0
Copper, ppm max. 10.0
Maleic acid, % max. 0.05
Fumaric acid, % max. 1.0
Residue during combustion, % max. 0.1
Melting point, °C 127 – 132
Arsenic, ppm max. 3.0
Lead, ppm max. 10.0
Sulphate ash, % max. 0.1
The content of the main substance, % 99 – 100.5
Appearance White crystal powder or white crystals

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